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Performance Enhancing Solutions for the Automotive Appearance Products Industry

The table below provides uses and performance characteristics for PATH Silicones Ready-To-Use Automotive Appearance Products.

Tire Dressings and Protectants
Vinyl and Leather Protectants
Glass and Windshield Treatments
Auto Polish and Wax Products

Tire Dressings and Protectants

This family of products includes both solvent and water based formulations. Base on the shine, durability, cleaning and wetting properties, they are "super", "premium", and "economy" grade.

All products can be customized with your own label, fragrance, dye or addition of UV absorbers. They are supplied in one gallon, five gallon and 53 gallon containers.

Solvent-based Tire Dressings:

  • TBS C-15P - A "super" grade proprietary blend of silicone polymers, formulated to make tires look slippery wet and deep black in color. TBS C-15P compares to the top quality dressings on the market offering excellent shine and durability. NOT A RED LABEL PRODUCT!
  • TBS C-19P - An exclusive silicone based dressing and protectant that gives tires a great wet-looking finish and locks in a lasting shine. When wiped on, it offers cleaning and degreasing properties. Also a "super" grade product measures up to the top-quality brands on the market. NOT A RED LABEL PRODUCT!
  • TBS C-250 - A "super" grade, fast-dry and high-gloss dressing engineered to keep tires looking wetter longer. It offers superior protection against drying, cracking an fading of rubber surfaces.
  • TBS C11A - A "premium" grade dressing protectant, specially formulated to dry fast and leave a long lasting superior high gloss on all rubber surfaces. Compares to the best solvent-based dressing formulations on the market today, in terms of shine, wetting and durability.
  • TBS C-203 - A "premium" solvent-based quick dry dressing that provides a rich, wet-look shine to tires. Long lasting silicone formula will not streak or spot tire surface.
  • TBS-CMQ - A specially formulated "premium" conditioner which gives tires a new-look finish and also helps to seal the rubber so that our conventional dressings last longer when applied over it. TBS-CMQ can also be used as an additive for any of our solvent-based dressings to improve durability and overall protection.
  • TBS C19E - An economical solvent-based dressing designed to protect, shine and condition to a "brand new tire" look. When wiped on, it also cleans and degreases. This product compares with most quality dressings on the market but has somewhat limited durability as compared to TBS C-19P. NOT A RED LABEL PRODUCT!
  • TBS C-160 - Our most economical, high-performance, fast dry tire dressing. It is ready to use and provides a rich, wet-look shine to tires. Its great durability, as well as cleaning and degreasing properties make TBS C160 our top selling dressing.
  • TBF-CMG - A special blend of silicone polymers to be used as base for formulating solvent- or water-based tire and vinyl dressings with high gloss finish.

Water-based Dressings:

  • TBM-CP - A super "premium" high-gloss dressing which lays down smoothly and produces a wet-look on tires and plastic trim that lasts for weeks. It is an excellent choice for a combination of vinyl, rubber and leather dressing. It compares favorably to the top-quality dressings on the market by offering superior shine and durability. Contains no voc's.
  • TDI-20 - A super "premium" quality dressing and protectant, specially designed for outstanding durability. Revitalizes rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces, lays down immediately and will not spin off tires. Dries t a water repellent, non-tacky finish and gives your tires a very long lasting brand new tire look. Contains no voc's.
  • TBM-TAD - A "premium" quality gel dressing, chemically engineered to provide superior gloss, color enhancement and excellent durability to rubber substrates. It goes on clear with no milky residue. The thick gel formula is designed specifically for wipe-on use. Produces a rich high-gloss, long lasting shine that once dry, becomes water-repellent. Compares to top quality gel dressing on the market today. Voc compliant formula.
  • TBM-TAD77 - A "premium" quality tire dressing with similar performance as TBM-TAD and improved lay-down. Environmentally friendly formula, it is also voc compliant.
  • TBM-FF - This specially formulated "premium" grade silicone emulsion produces superior restorative action, excellent shine and outstanding durability and protection. Will not streak or blotch, does not sling and dries quickly. Contains no voc's.
  • TBM-CE -  An economical water-based dressing that offers superior gloss, good wetting and excellent conditioning. Because of its satin shine and drier feel, it is the preferred product for vinyl and leather. It compares with most quality dressings on the market but has somewhat limited durability compared to TBM-CP. It is also a non-voc product.
  • TBM-CE7000 - Another "economy" dressing formulated to provide protection plus color and gloss enhancement without the use of solvents. Will lay down easily, dry quickly with no sling and will definitely draw attention to your tires. Will certainly outlast competition products within its category. No vocs content.
  • TBM-CSL  - An economical dressing formulate to restore and protect the original look of rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces. It dries to a satin gloss, weather resistant coating that will not attract dust. Its chemical formulation ensures protection against premature aging and discoloration. Contains no voc's.

Vinyl and Leather Protectants

This is a category of silicone-formulated materials that are specifically designed for the cleaning, conditioning and conservation of automotive leather, vinyl and trim surfaces. They are all water-based silicone emulsions intended to restore and conserve automotive surfaces.

  • TBM C-VF - This "premium" water resistant, high-gloss dressing dries and cures to a water repellent film that conditions and preserves leather and vinyl surfaces. It may be diluted 1:1 in water for less shine. Excellent durability and waterproofing performance. No voc's content.
  • TBM CE-400 - A rich water-based "premium" vinyl and leather protectant providing good conditioning and excellent, long lasting shine that won't rinse off. Superior durability of product insures protection and preservation of treated surface. Contains no voc's.
  • TBM-CE - An economical vinyl and leather detailing dressing that provides a satin gloss and a drier feel. It brings back the "like-new" finish when applied on faded rubber or vinyl automotive interiors. Contains no voc's.
  • TDI-10 - An economical detailing product producing a high-gloss and water resistant film on vinyl or leather car surfaces. best results may be obtained when product is buffed upon application. No voc's content.
  • XRS-G60 - A 50% concentrate, water-based special blend to be used in tire, vinyl and leather formulations, It is intended to ass high shine and deep conditioning to dressing and protectants. Good dilution stability. No voc's.
  • TBM-TD50 - A 50% water-based concentrate specially designed for applications like tire, vinyl and leather treatments. Formulated with high viscosity reactive silicones, it will help produce a rich long-lasting shine and water repellent film, adding an extra protection to the treated surface. It contains no voc's and is a dilution stable formula.
  • TBM-C - A concentrate blend of specialty silicone actives to be added into tire dressings, and vinyl- and leather- protectant formulations. It will bring high-gloss finish, conditioning and excellent water-beading to the formulation.

Glass and Windshield Treatments

These products are designed for use on windshield, side and rear windows and other exterior glass surfaces, to improve all weather visibility, safety and driving comfort. They are available in one gallon, five gallon and 53 gallon containers. Private label packaging at no extra charge s also an option when you supply labels.

  • TBS C-15A - Premium glass treatment special formulation that bonds molecularly to the surface of glass and provides a transparent film which acts as a protection shield. Recommended application is buy wiping directly onto the glass until dry, Easy to buff, requires very little rubbing and causes rain, snow and sleet to roll off with no streaking. Also, it prevents dirt, grime and even small insects from sticking to the treated surface, so you will see clearly out of all windows.
  • TBS-WT - "Premium" special blend of organic and silicone active materials, formulated for the glass treatment of auto windshields and all exterior glass surfaces. It is a spray-and-wipe formula that works as a rain, snow and sleet repellent, with no need for tedious buffing, faster and easier than Rain-X.
  • TBF C-1 and TBF C-1A - Special blends of silicone polymers to be used as a base (concentrate) for glass treatments, such as auto windshields. A blend of only 5 or 6 % of concentrate in alcohol r another suitable solvent, together with a small amount of sulfuric acid, when wiped on glass, will create a protective, transparent coating with a sheeting effect of water.

Auto Polish and Wax Products

This is a group of products designed to restore the shine to car painted surfaces, and protect them from natural deterioration. PATH Silicones car polish and glaze materials were formulated for ease of application and to offer excellent durability, water repellency and gloss enhancement properties.

PATH continues developing this line of products in their laboratory, using the latest technology and silicone performance ingredients. As a dependable supplier of materials and solutions to the automotive care industry, PATH can address your needs for improving product formulation and manufacturing processes.

  • TBM-SWO - A spray-and-wipe type polish formulated as a water-in-oil emulsion with superior cleaning ability while sustaining good water beading. It provides excellent ease of application and rubout, as well as streak resistance and good shine.
  • TBM-KSW - A quick seal wax formula, water-in-oil emulsion, also designed for ease of use, with fast drying and good cleaning benefits. It utilizes milder polishing agents to provide more polishing, color intensity and greater gloss.